Our mission at Ready To Learn is to maintain a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where all students are enthusiastic about their learning and want to learn. Our friendly qualified tutors and fun lessons achieve this. We want to ensure that students’ learning needs are met and achieved through constant pre and post assessments and observations.

At Ready To Learn we aim to lay the right foundations for students’ early learning. Our thorough program and engaging lessons will enable them to take the knowledge and understandings we have given them and continue to build upon these in the years ahead.

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Program Steps with Kids

Starting Primary School can be challenging for children and their families. At Ready To Learn we aim to help your children trust their own abilities and feel confident about dealing with new situations and new people. We offer 1 hour structured classes focusing on English, Mathematics and the Social Skills that are needed at this level, to prepare your children for school.

At Ready To Learn we have a holistic approach to learning. We strongly believe that social skills and educational development go hand in hand. One cannot be learnt without the other being taught. Children must learn to sit, listen and interpret information before they can gain understanding and consolidate their learning.

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